Digital age, why are customized keychains still popular?

Why are keychains so popular?

Why? Because they love to help! Everyone has at least one key, maybe more than one: for home, work, car. In order to facilitate the organization of keys, different keyrings have emerged and become popular gifts for many different occasions. Keychains are elegant and inexpensive, perfect for parties or weddings. There's a keychain to suit every style, taste and budget. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Prices are affordable, starting as low as 69 cents and as high as a few dollars.

If you want to give your guests the advantage of being cheap, these seem to be the best options. I would tell anyone looking for a bargain to keep it under $1. These products are durable and beautifully packaged, often with a thank you or personalized label. This is a gift that can be used by both men and women.

When purchasing a keychain, remember that the price depends on the materials used. Cheaper keychains are usually made of plastic and are often smaller and thinner due to the quality of the material. Slightly more expensive keychains will give you more bang for your buck, as they will have foil stamping, a gradient effect applied to your design, making your brand stand out more, and last longer.

How are keychains made?

Even the smallest thing takes a lot of work to complete. Take keychains, for example, which are the most popular souvenirs in the world. It takes time, machinery, and hard work to get them ready for your keyring, whether they're made of metal, plastic, or some other material. How are keychains made? Connect the three parts of the key chain:


The material of the personalized keychain will also vary. Most keychains are made of metal or plastic. But they can also be made of rubber, fabric, paper or wood. The versatility of keychains means there is no set way to make them. It depends on the manufacturer and what kind of look they want to create. It is roughly divided into:
Die cutting
stamping machine
Injection molding

Different combinations can produce different key chains to meet the production requirements of different occasions and customers.

Benefits of Giving a Custom Keychain as a Gift

Useful: Key tags are widely used because of the convenience they provide. You can use a key ring to keep track of your keys and any other hanging items that are meaningful to you. Since there are always more keys than keychains, the person you are giving the keychain to may need it. Don’t worry about this gift being put away. It can be used to replace an existing keychain, add to an existing keychain, or append to a key that previously lacked a suitable keychain. Additionally, you can pick up a personalized keychain that has multiple uses. For example, a keychain with album art from their favorite Spotify artist or a keychain that doubles as a bottle or can opener.

Cost-effective: Keychains are cheap to produce and make great promotional items for major events such as product launches, trade shows, and other types of outdoor marketing. At the same time, it is practical, meaning it will not be thrown away casually, which is crucial to increasing the lasting output of the brand.

Easy to buy: Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult. If you are looking for a last minute gift or a business promotional gift, consider keychains. You can find a variety of keychains at reasonable prices in different online stores. For example, at MakeKeychain, you can choose keychains of different categories, materials, and prices. At the same time, our expedited service can catch up with your limited date of receiving the product.

Easily customized: Being as creative as you want with custom keychains means gift giving becomes even more fun. The keychain has a lot of space for the imprint, which is easy to see. You can use this space to put your message in front of your recipient's eyes and make them feel special.

Wide range of audience: Keychains are a must-have in everyone's daily life. Today, you can buy a wide variety of keychains, including bottle openers, tape measures, custom shapes, and more that are sure to catch the eye of a discerning audience. You can make your promotional products stand out from the crowd by incorporating creative designs into them. Make a statement with an eye-catching and memorable keychain.

Effective for brand promotion: If you want to promote your brand or company, personalized keychains are a great place to start. This is a basic but effective strategy for branding. Custom keychains featuring your company logo and other unique branding components are a great way to increase visibility for your business. Keychains are also cost-effective as they don't require much money to produce. Keychains with popular logos can attract a wide range of customers and be used by everyone. In other words, your company’s name will be seen from different angles. These functional keychains can be used for everything from corporate gifts to mailing items to make a statement. Additionally, keychains serve as free advertising for your company. Customers will be reminded of your company's name and logo every time they use these amazing freebies. Customers who are undecided on a brand can use free promotional items such as keychains to help them decide.

Mobility: As cute as gifts are, not everyone reacts to them the same way. Some may make great gifts but are not given away because they are too large or fragile. Custom keychains are small, easy to carry, and durable, making them great gifts. So, this means that your brand is always with your customers.

Be used as fashion accessory: Custom keychains and personalized keyings bulk can also be used as stylish decorations. This is an easy way to add some style to your bag, backpack, or lanyard. Keychains can be customized to suit your look and style, whether it's a portrait of your favorite cartoon character or your favorite star.

Popular souvenirs: In addition to magnets, popular souvenirs include keychains depicting famous places, flags and tourist attractions. Souvenir keychains are a common purchase when visiting new places. Even now, this is still a must-do when you travel.

Memorable: Keychains with your brand name are extremely valuable and can last for a long time. Keychains make memorable gifts that will never be forgotten, whether your recipient uses them or keeps them as keepsakes. People often use keychains: It reminds them of your messages every time they open or close a door, car, or filing cabinet. This will make them feel something when they see it, making your message more memorable. It will also make your brand more visible and strengthen over time.

Integrate custom keychains into your marketing campaigns

The following are the most common methods obtained by the MakeKeychain team through surveys and statistics received from customer designs:

1. Print QR codes on your company keychain: QR codes are the future of interaction, from restaurant menus to opening apps. You can print a QR code on your promotional keychain and direct it to your company website, help center, product pages, and more. There are endless possibilities and ways for your customers to reach you. Even tech companies can use this idea to connect with customers without feeling like a company from the 1980s.
2. Print your digital address on a branded keychain: Instead of handing out business cards, you can use custom keychains to help your customers know exactly how to contact you. You can brand your brand logo on your website URL, email address, social media accounts, contact information, and more.
3.“Thank You” gift: Every company is competing for positive reviews and brand loyalty. You can set yourself apart from the competition by surprising your customers with a custom keychain to thank them.

Where is the best place to customize keychains?

The most crucial part of custom promotional keychains is understanding your niche and designing according to your audience. They are a direct reflection of your business and therefore must be of high quality. Working with a reliable and experienced manufacturer can go a long way. MakeKeychain has more than ten years of experience in customizing keychains for various industries, including real estate, schools, clubs, libraries and design companies.

Advantages of MakeKeychain:

Factory direct price: MakeKeychain is a factory specializing in the production of customized keychains, not a middleman; customers always get the best price.
High-end quality: We use high-quality materials and the latest technology, and production equipment imported from Germany.
Fast turnaround time: MakeKeychain offers the fastest delivery on every order to ensure you get it on time.
7*24 hours support: You can contact our team at any time, we provide round-the-clock support.
Free Design Service: Customize your keychain to be exactly how you imagined it. We offer unlimited customization services. Even if you are not a professional designer, you can get an ideal perfect design as long as you tell us your ideas.
Low MOQ: Unlike other middlemen, we can accept low MOQ. Even if you are an individual, a start-up or a mini-company, we can help you.
Progress Notice: MakeKeychain is a one-stop company. From the moment you initiate an inquiry or place an order, professional sales staff will guide you through each step clearly and simply. Make sure you know every detail and progress of your order.
Global Shipping: MakeKeychain ships worldwide; customers can track their orders at any time using the order tracking tool.
For information, inquiries and ordering please visit:

Sounds exciting, right? Send your design now and MakeKeychain will provide you with details within 6 hours. Best of all, it's all free!


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